starrnx (starrnx) wrote,

so here i am again.

let's review my very exciting day thus far. arrive at work 15 min early. go to cafe and get hot choco and bacon/egg/cheese on bagel (which is not nearly as good as the egg and cheese on grilled white). return to desk. work. finish work at 11. read news online. lunch. return to desk. spill coffee/hot choco on desk. wait for end of day.

i must say the best part of my day was the eating part of it.

if katie was working here, i would go visit her. if nikita didn't get laid off, i would visit him too. and if renee's assignment wasn't "over," i would visit her too.

no emails, no phone calls. no buyers.

there is a bunch of asian guys/girls roaming around my floor. all visitors. i would guess they are from china and are doing business here. fun.

i wannna go hooomeeee. matt got me a pineapple pizza :) YES! i'm so fat. i'm getting so fat. i disgust myself. it's hard for me to admit that i might be.. 120. ew, i no longer have the right to make fun of overweight people with you, kristy.. (remember when we did that at CVS?) because i am now one of them. laugh at me, you bitches. do it. i'm not FAT FAT yet so katie, don't kill me yet.

starsky and hutch was a funny movie. do it. my favorite was the scene with snoop dogg. haha.

any politician speaking about terri schiavo is still pissing me off. and i am getting sick of hearing about michael jackson. i can't escape it!

i wanna go shopping. i just got an express credit card. but the stupid thing is you can't pay it off with another credit card.. you have to pay from a checking account. and who the hell writes checks anymore? no one. except if you're over 50 years old, then you possibly do.

i have so much change in my wallet.. it's ridiculous.

just for the record, if i'm ever in a persistent vegatative state with no hope of recovery.. just pull the damn plug and get me out of my misery, and stop torturing yourselves. thank you.

eh.. i wish i was an MA in ladies fashion. NIT isn't my thing.

i'm so boring, i know.
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