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so now jeb bush is trying to get CUSTODY of the damn woman.. HAHAHA.. if you're trying to get custody of someone.. shouldn't you at least KNOW them personally? wow.. thank god he didn't. how in the hell does he have ANY right what-so-ever to take "sides" in a personal family matter, to try to shove the tube back into the throat of a woman he doesn't even know, and to her husband's knowledge, would never have wanted to live like this anyway.

jeb bush, you are, in fact, truly pathetic.

george bush, you are, in fact, an idiot (but we all knew that already).

thank you.

and i love how 12 year olds are getting arrested for protesting.. do they even understand what's going on? well, they might understand but do they really .. i bet their mommies and daddies just said, "these people are going to let her starve to death! we need to save her life!" then started talking about how if they let her die, more 9/11s will happen and we will have more natural disasters.. yeah, i'm not making that up.

first of all.. what kind of life is being fed through a tube and not even having the ABILITY to feel pain or emotions.. cuz last time i checked, that sounds like a waste of time, space and money. and i would be VERY surprised if this woman would want to be kept alive like that.

oh, and to the people who think, after 15 years, she's going to recover.. don't you think that if she was going to recover, she would have done it a while ago.. not 15 years later. stop living in a dream world, just accecpt it. there's no difference between her being a vegetable 4 years into it or 15 years into it, she hasn't gotten any better.

people are trying to push their personal beliefs on this family and they're wasting tax payer money on it. this woman wanted to die, and no one can even respect that. at least let her die with dignity now.

you fucking assholes (yeah, i said it).

ugh this gets me so mad.
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