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[Thu, Mar 22nd 07 @ 11:36am]
i have had this thing for.. 6 years.. whoaaaaaa..

and it's been 2 years since i posted.. whoaaaaaa..

ok i'm done
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[Wed, Aug 17th 05 @ 11:47am]
ny officials warn drug users of a bad batch of heroin!

lol.. let 'em die. they can't be too useful to society if they're using heroin anyway, and let's hope that the drug dealers and "informants" they are questioning on where this batch came from, are being questioned from behind bars.
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[Thu, Jul 28th 05 @ 11:32am]
a pretty ridiclous article.
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[Fri, Jun 24th 05 @ 11:27am]
so i guess a lot has happened in the past month.

i broke up with matt and moved out of the apartment, got a new car - acura RSX and i love it.

i'm living at home right now for a bit, i'll prolly be getting a different apartment by the end of this year or early next year. i'm seeing this new guy, adam, and he's pretty amazing. i feel like i'm holding back around him since he's so intense, lol, but i am really enjoying being w/ him and just need a little bit more time before i get intense too, lol. i haven't actually really "let myself go" since the whole tj thing.. i dunno, i'm prolly scarred by that whole thing and will never love again like that but i guess that's what happens when you invest so much of yourself into one person and then get fucked in the end, even if it was me screwing myself over by the way i acted. anyways, i took the beginning part of next week off and i guess we're going somewhere sunday night, dunno where but i can bet it will be good. i hope he puts speakers in my car this weekend.

i feel a lot better now, less conflicted than i did before. i haven't really spoken to matt much since i moved out, we talked a couple times over the phone and emailed back and forth a bit but that was it. he has said he misses me, but i don't feel like i miss him. i miss my cats that i had to leave there, i miss them a lot actually, and i miss our oh so comfortable bed, but i just don't feel like i miss him that much. i guess that's pretty shitty but for the past few months of our relationship i think i had become emotionally disconnected from him. it's sad how things like that happen. really sad actually.

well things w/ adam seem to have potential so we'll see.
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[Thu, May 5th 05 @ 4:34pm]
If there is someone on your friends list you would like to take, strip naked, tie them to a bed post, smother them with honey and sprinkle a box of Rice Crispies on them, lick them until they scream, then fuck them while singing the Hungarian national anthem in a falsetto until both of you are senseless and unable to fuck anymore, then wait about five minutes and do it all over again, then post this exact sentence in YOUR journal.
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[Wed, Mar 30th 05 @ 4:28pm]
laura bush is an idiot too.
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[Wed, Mar 30th 05 @ 9:40am]
egg and cheese omelet + hot coco = good

does anyone use listerine?

if your rinse too long with it, it burns the skin on the inside of your cheeks and it kinda peels off by the morning..

gross, huh..

i was reading this thing online, and a puppy at a shelter needed heart surgery, so the place was asking for donations to cover the $4,000 operation.. and they ended up getting over $25,000.. doesn't that shit just warm your heart.. wouldn't it be nice if people were nice like that all the time.. aww cute puppies..
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[Tue, Mar 29th 05 @ 4:01pm]
so here i am again.

let's review my very exciting day thus far. arrive at work 15 min early. go to cafe and get hot choco and bacon/egg/cheese on bagel (which is not nearly as good as the egg and cheese on grilled white). return to desk. work. finish work at 11. read news online. lunch. return to desk. spill coffee/hot choco on desk. wait for end of day.

i must say the best part of my day was the eating part of it.

if katie was working here, i would go visit her. if nikita didn't get laid off, i would visit him too. and if renee's assignment wasn't "over," i would visit her too.

no emails, no phone calls. no buyers.

there is a bunch of asian guys/girls roaming around my floor. all visitors. i would guess they are from china and are doing business here. fun.

i wannna go hooomeeee. matt got me a pineapple pizza :) YES! i'm so fat. i'm getting so fat. i disgust myself. it's hard for me to admit that i might be.. 120. ew, i no longer have the right to make fun of overweight people with you, kristy.. (remember when we did that at CVS?) because i am now one of them. laugh at me, you bitches. do it. i'm not FAT FAT yet so katie, don't kill me yet.

starsky and hutch was a funny movie. do it. my favorite was the scene with snoop dogg. haha.

any politician speaking about terri schiavo is still pissing me off. and i am getting sick of hearing about michael jackson. i can't escape it!

i wanna go shopping. i just got an express credit card. but the stupid thing is you can't pay it off with another credit card.. you have to pay from a checking account. and who the hell writes checks anymore? no one. except if you're over 50 years old, then you possibly do.

i have so much change in my wallet.. it's ridiculous.

just for the record, if i'm ever in a persistent vegatative state with no hope of recovery.. just pull the damn plug and get me out of my misery, and stop torturing yourselves. thank you.

eh.. i wish i was an MA in ladies fashion. NIT isn't my thing.

i'm so boring, i know.
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[Thu, Mar 24th 05 @ 4:15pm]
oh, and also, george bush:

what the fuck do you mean social security is going to "run out" in 2041?

let's see, i'll be 55 in 2041.. hmm, that's retirement age, isn't it?

all i know is that every single god damn penny that gets taken out of my paycheck for social security.. better come back to me..

ugh, i'm so unnecessarily angry today.
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[Thu, Mar 24th 05 @ 4:03pm]

so now jeb bush is trying to get CUSTODY of the damn woman.. HAHAHA.. if you're trying to get custody of someone.. shouldn't you at least KNOW them personally? wow.. thank god he didn't. how in the hell does he have ANY right what-so-ever to take "sides" in a personal family matter, to try to shove the tube back into the throat of a woman he doesn't even know, and to her husband's knowledge, would never have wanted to live like this anyway.

jeb bush, you are, in fact, truly pathetic.

george bush, you are, in fact, an idiot (but we all knew that already).

thank you.

and i love how 12 year olds are getting arrested for protesting.. do they even understand what's going on? well, they might understand but do they really .. i bet their mommies and daddies just said, "these people are going to let her starve to death! we need to save her life!" then started talking about how if they let her die, more 9/11s will happen and we will have more natural disasters.. yeah, i'm not making that up.

first of all.. what kind of life is being fed through a tube and not even having the ABILITY to feel pain or emotions.. cuz last time i checked, that sounds like a waste of time, space and money. and i would be VERY surprised if this woman would want to be kept alive like that.

oh, and to the people who think, after 15 years, she's going to recover.. don't you think that if she was going to recover, she would have done it a while ago.. not 15 years later. stop living in a dream world, just accecpt it. there's no difference between her being a vegetable 4 years into it or 15 years into it, she hasn't gotten any better.

people are trying to push their personal beliefs on this family and they're wasting tax payer money on it. this woman wanted to die, and no one can even respect that. at least let her die with dignity now.

you fucking assholes (yeah, i said it).

ugh this gets me so mad.
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[Mon, Mar 21st 05 @ 11:36am]
ugh, i just typed out a whole rant about this thing but decided to delete it..

but let me just say this..

this whole terri schiavo thing sickens me.
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[Mon, Mar 14th 05 @ 2:51pm]
here i am again.. at workie.

katie could so be working here with me in almost exactly 2 months.. yay! that will be fricken awesome. i think i'm more excited about it than she is!.. i can't wait to go work-clothes shopping.. an excuse for me to spend money.. eee..

this weekend is matt's birthday. got some good stuff planned for that, so that's good. we've been together for 2 years in a few months. so weird.

ugh, i'm so OCD about my desk.

2 more days and i get a mini vacation.. oh please come soooon..

tired and feel like crap!

and for the record.. capris and high heels.. do or don't.. i say do. whatever.
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[Tue, Feb 22nd 05 @ 5:28pm]
my kitties keep sneezing.. i have to take them to the vet on saturday :(
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[Mon, Feb 21st 05 @ 3:27pm]
bored at work.

ebony is back from her vacation tomorrow, yay!

i found a 2002 mercedes c230 online last night. i want it. i can afford it but want to put a huge down payment on it.. but oh my beloved mazda 6.. i'm sorry to say you've been replaced.. probably get a new car this time next year.. i'm sick of putting it off but the more of a downpayment i can put down the less of a loan i have to take out.. mmm c230.. that and matt and i are planning to take.. some sort of a vacation this summer..

i hate the radio
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[Fri, Feb 11th 05 @ 4:15pm]

i've phoned/emailed over 10 shelters in the area.. and nothing.. "it's not kitten season yet.."

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